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Friday Link-Up

By December 28, 2012December 31st, 2012Friday Link-up, Holiday, Weekend


Family holiday photo outtake. I’m special…

It was so nice to relax and catch up with my Google Reader over the holiday break. It has been the unfortunate victim of my travel and work schedule, and has had the dismal “1000+” sitting next to my “All Entries” for far too long. Having around 500 RSS subscriptions probably doesn’t help, but I just can’t bring myself to un-subscribe from anyone.

Here are some fun links I came across:



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Have any big weekend/New Year’s plans? This weekend we have some client work to do before we jet off to Springfield for New Year’s Eve. Well, scratch that. As I was writing this post, Neil realized he was on-call and we’re now home for New Year’s. Any suggestions on fun ways to make a relatively quiet New Year’s at home special? I definitely think all his favorite foods will be on the menu. What a bummer!

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  • Mary ann durboraw says:

    Jessica: Where’s Dad in this photo and where did you get those “go go googly eyes”!!!!! Mom