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Friday Link-up

By March 1, 2013March 15th, 2013Friday Link-up


Favorite soup flavor of the moment…

Ahhh-choo! So it’s finally happened. I’ve caught some bug that’s been going around. I have been so careful, but the past few weeks have been crazy, and somewhere in there, probably in one of the airports, something finally got me.

This is my first sick day since I started working at home, and it’s been such a different experience in comparison to when I worked in an office. I’ve taken naps when needed, worked from bed at night, and have abandoned putting on make-up altogether. Our huge humidifier is running constantly, so I’m not enduring the dry, re-circulated air of my old office, and I have a constant supply of soup and fruit. It’s just more comfortable. And I’m getting the same amount of work done (take that Marissa Mayer!), which is good because I am completely buried in it.

I have found some time to peruse my favorite blogs though, so here’s what I’ve been reading lately!



  • How artificial light is wrecking your sleep, and what to do about it // I feel like he wrote this with me in mind. (via Chris Kresser)
  • Paleo Craziness: What’s With This Carbofastcycliccoffeeloading Thing?? // So true! You have to learn to walk before you can run! (via Robb Wolf)
  • How to Take Action // Spot on! Such a great post on the importance of change beyond our own tables. (via Deliciously Organic)

Have a great weekend!