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The GRE is over!

By February 2, 2010Education, Friends, Jessica

So I made it. I survived. I’m so glad it’s over. I got the cumulative score I needed and now just have to wait 10-15 days for the analytical writing score before I can formally apply to the my graduate program choice. It was a hard decision, but I’ve decided to move forward with a MeD (Masters in Education) with an emphasis in Learning Systems, Design and Development. In real-people speak, I’ve decided to become an instructional designer. I love graphic and web design, I love arts and crafting, but I need to diversify in order to protect my long-term interests and have a shot at a higher salary ceiling. To some extent I know that sounds like I’m selling out and I probably am, but I am excited to put my feet firmly in academia, and my long-term goal is to teach design at the college level.

We celebrated last night with 12 heaping servings of Coldstone Creamery ice cream (when I saw “we,” I tackled that feat shamefully on my own) and this morning I woke up with the worst head cold symptoms I’ve ever had. I’m trapped on the couch and hoping I’ll be better soon. I have a bunch of great recipes and foodie goodies to share and with the super bowl on Sunday, and Valentine’s day coming up, wanted to post some more cool stuff I’ve been finding on the web.

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement in tackling this hurdle. I’m my own worst enemy sometimes and tests like these make a wreck of me. I’m so lucky to have such great friends, many of whom I have never met in person.


  • Samantha says:

    Congrats to you! I don’t think it’s necessarily selling out to desire a higher salary. You’re staying with what you love, but you’re tweaking it to make it easier for you to enjoy such as eventually moving, or being able to afford really cool purses ;-). How long of a program is it?

  • Samantha says:

    That’s supposed to read “easier for you to enjoy more things such as…”

  • Jessica says:

    It’s a fast-track masters program. 30 hours and all distance-learning (with exception of two classes). The good news is, I’m already 9 hours in, so yay:)

    As for things I’d rather be doing:
    • Training for marathons and things ending in “k”
    • Cooking
    • Gardening
    • Reading non-GRE reading material

    Pretty much anything really:)

  • David says:

    How was the GRE?

    I’m stressing about it myself. It’s the quant part that i am focused on. Feel free to email me and share any of your experiences on the test


  • Jessica says:

    It was as you would expect a standardized test to be. Maybe it’s the mask of time but I felt it was less stressful than the ACT. By the time I sat down and went through all the tutorials, my attitude was “let’s just get this over with.”

    When you study you have access to answers and therefore a full sense of how you’re doing as you go. With the computerized format, you just answer and move on, you have no sense of how you did unless you were very sure of your answer. I guessed quite a bit and anything I looked at that looked time intensive I just picked what looked closest and moved on, saving my time for answers I thought I could find but needed time to work through.

    If you want to know more, feel free to email at kohlerjl at missouri dot edu. I looked for your email, but you didn’t attach it to your comment.