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Frugal Meatless Meal: Pasta and Chickpeas

By March 3, 2009Uncategorized

Well I’ve got at least one day covered! Surfing my favorite foodie sites the other day I came across this. Remembering that I had some chickpeas in the pantry, and seeing that I had all the other ingredients (including the fresh herbs we keep in pots in the kitchen!) I thought it was a great start to a week of trying to incorporate more meatless main dishes into our menus. Not only is it a great way to¬† skinny up your grocery bill, but many of the recipes are healthy and perfectly sooted for the cool/early spring weather. We just had the leftovers tonite, and it was two days of complete heaven. This meal is totally adaptable to sponteneity and the foot you have laying around the kitchen. You can even add inexpensive meets like ground turkey, chicken or shrimp (I recommend the shrimp!) Oh and did I mention you can make this meal on the quick?!

{Image and Credit to Blue Kitchen}