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Getting ready for the trip!

By March 18, 2010Camping

Woo, what could this be?

Our new firestarter

What is this?

A new knife (Gerber LMFII) to supplement our Gerber multi-tool

We picked up a new firestarter and knife for this season. Both are items we wrote down after watching Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild. That probably makes us fanboys/girls right? I dared Neil to strap this to his leg and run down the street yelling “I run faster with a knife!” but he said someone might “call the cops.” Really Neil? You think the neighbor who has empty birdcages in her trees will call the cops or the one with the jackalope statue? Maybe the one with pickle jar full of Jamaican hash? We live in the bohemian section of town. If you drive a ┬áminivan or walk around in khakis with a sweater draped around your neck, then they might call the cops.