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Our Long Lost Friend

By July 11, 2012December 17th, 2014Backpacking, Camping, Food, Local Food, Travel


Pizza! Can you believe I haven’t made a pizza crust in almost a year!? We ate so much pizza before going mostly Paleo (80/20 with our cheat days) that I could almost throw together a crust with my eyes closed. This time however, I had to double-check the recipe.


Our pizza tastes have definitely changed over the past year.Gluten-free crust, tons of veggies and meager amounts of cheese. We also opted for organic goat cheese, yum!

So what’s the occasion? A fridge full of miscellaneous veggies that needed to be used up before our VACATION! That’s right, we’re on the road now and headed to northern Minnesota to backpack in the Boundary Waters. We are soย excited! The pups are with my parents and we have a house-sitter hanging out at the house, we’re all set!