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Glorious Spring

By March 11, 2010Gardening


  • Samantha says:

    I don’t think we’ll do any gardening this year unless J.D. does. Our jonquils are all blooming, but unless something decides to pop up on it’s own, I’m doing enough “growing” on my own ;-). However, I’d be happy to take any produce that you don’t want at the end of all of your hard work ;-).

  • Jessica says:

    oh pregnancy isn’t as “delicate” as the misnomer implies (unless you are high risk). My mother-in-law ran and gardened at nearly full-term. It’s good for you!

  • Samantha says:

    I’m not saying I can’t do it…I’m saying I’m not going to, lol…I have little energy anyway and on top of that I have a million other things to do to get ready for the baby. Plus, by the time a lot of the produce would be ripe, we might be in Springfield/Bolivar waiting for a certain person to put in an appearance. I’m honestly just not a big gardener.

  • So jealous of these spring blooms. Everything is still brown here in Maine! Gorgeous photos…