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Happy Belated Valentine’s Week

By February 10, 2010December 16th, 2014blogging, Cool Stuff, Crafts, Family, Friends, Frugality

Valentine’s Day is among the most commercialized holidays of the calendar year, offering retailers and businesses the opportunity to rake in an estimated $14.7 billion dollars last year. That number represented a steep decline over previous years if you can believe it. To many of us it’s the first time we open our wallets after the Christmas Holiday season, but I’m happy to say that it doesn’t have to break the bank, nor derail your frugal savvy.

It was our ambitious intent to start this yesterday but a busy job and unexpected freelance projects popped up and as the old saying goes “duty calls.” This if the first series of posts we’ve ever done. It’s nothing very formal or epic, simply some cool Valentine’s themed topics and finds that we thought would be fun and useful to package up in posts, hopefully to give people some inspiration and reassurance that Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be excessive or expensive. It can be simple and thoughtful and far exceed your expectations, and maybe even start some new traditions with whomever you choose to love on any day!