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Three Years Married

By July 25, 2012July 31st, 2012Dogs, Matilda, relationship


Today is our three-year wedding anniversary. It’s cliché I know, but really, where does the time go? I was doing some blog work the other night, fixing some posts with broken picture links, and one of the posts was our honeymoon recap. How far we’ve come since then, and wow, how different we look! I love it. I’m so proud and grateful of where we are and where we’re going and how much fun we’re having along the way. Few people can say they achieve full belly laughs before 9 AM. We’ve really come so far.

Last year I recounted some of our observations, and this year I thought write a few more.

Create a sanctuary: Curating privacy has been valuable for us. Since buying our house, we’ve cultivated it into a mostly private space. While you see some parts, others will remain just ours. It’s our sanctuary. On that note, we’ve also found ourselves pulling back from sharing everything online as well. While that might seem backwards for a blogger, it just feels better. Maybe that’s creating a ceiling for our success (as bloggers anyway), but what’s more important?

Reward yourselves: I think one of the biggest mistakes we made early on, with the best intentions and mostly out of necessity, was to be too tight with money. Far too often, I think we expected the worst or we felt too guilty about enjoying some of the fruits of our labor. You can save for a rainy day, but sometimes, you can also enjoy the sunshine.

Change your plans: One of the best books I’ve read this year is Rework by 37 Signals. While it is specifically tailored to business, it offers a lot of advice that I think can be adapted to many other areas, especially relationships. I especially liked this bit:

You have to be able to improvise. You have to be able to pick up opportunities that come along. Sometimes you need to say, “we’re going in a new direction because that’s what makes sense today.”

Make goals, but don’t obsess or compare your progress to that of others, and above all, remain flexible.

It never hurts to adopt another rescue pup either.

That’s what we’ve learned after 3 years of marriage. As always, thank you for continuing to read and follow our journey! We hope we keep you at least somewhat entertained.