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We are so ready for this weekend. It is the first since before the wedding that will neither involve being out of town or preparing for a wedding. We’re ecstatic! In the absence of both of these circumstances there are still tons of things we’d like to do and accomplish, so the brief rundown:


  • Date night, going to see Inglorious Basterds, the new film by Quentin Tarantino. (Done and it was AMAZING)
  • Send JD the final Identity package for Springcreek. (Still eeking some compression issues)


  • Lawn work, weeding and trimming things down in early preparation for fall. Done
  • Canning our next batch of salsa. Done
  • Grocery shopping for Dan’s B-day Sushi Night. Done
  • Tidy the house. Done
  • Repack all the camping stuff and somewhat reorganize the basement. Done
  • LAN (gaming) on Saturday Night. Done
  • Read more ‘Lord of the Rings’ Boo, didn’t get done.


  • Rachel coming in the AM. Woot!
  • Baking Dan’s B-day cake (pictures and recipe forthcoming). Done, Yum!
  • Sushi night for party of 6. Success!

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