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Homekeeping Comeback?

By January 28, 2009Uncategorized

Photo by StockXchg

I told my mom the other day that I thought the black and white days of Housewife vs. Career Woman were coming to an end. It used to be you had to be all in one camp or the other and nothing inbetween. I really do believe that’s coming to an end. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a beautiful home and it makes you no less career-minded. I think women are finally meeting in the middle and in these difficult times sharing hobbies, methods and strategies for advancing their families frugally through an economically difficult time. I also believe that…when you put it all out there and watch day after day how the rat race and modern world can rip you apart and leave you feeling empty and depressed, coming home to a house and things that you did and made on your own is gratifying and powerful.

In any sense, I found this article and thought it was rather interesting. I hope you enjoy it. Thoughts?