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Baby Fever

By September 23, 2009Misc., Politics, Rant

(above: Apparently what Neil’s and my experiment child would look like)

After reading Joanna and Samantha’s blogs today, it begs the question be presented to all my newly-married, soon-to-be married and single friends: What do you think of this baby fever? Among celebrities and just us regular folks there seem to be tons of expectant or new parents. Do you have baby fever? Does your significant other have it? How are you coping or dealing with either having the fever or not feeling it?

Currently I have about 10 (maybe more?) friends who are pregnant, have just given birth or are about to give birth. Its a weird feeling having just gotten through my wedding and already being asked about my plans for procreation while feeling like I’m behind the curve already with the rest of my friends. In addition to my friends, TONS of bloggers are in the midst of babydom.

* Bloggers I know IRL (in real life).

About the photo: Its a computer generated photo from a Volkswagen promotion that merged Neil’s and my photos to give us a glimpse of what our child could look like. It’s …special.


  • Samantha says:

    I have had baby fever my whole life. Therefore, anything I say doesn’t count. I’m pretty sure that the moment I was born I wanted a baby. J.D. and I definitely plan on having children (2 is the prospective number), but we don’t feel that we are quite ready yet. That, and they cost money and I don’t feel we have a house that will support children. That said, there is nothing I like so much as a baby…holding it, looking at it, taking photos of it. And yes, I know I’m referring to a human as an it. For me though, I think it’s the whole process, from conceiving to sending them off to college. I just like the idea of continuing my family’s legacy…as corny as that might sound. I do agree that it seems like a lot of people are having babies, but I think we’re just in that age group now. Just like everyone seems to be getting married right now. And you have to admit, the booties are soo cute!

  • Jes says:

    I get baby fever almost like the flu. Some days I’m like, wow I could totally see myself as a parent. Then I go out in public and some brat is screaming his guts out and totally invading my personal space and I change my mind for a few months. Poor Neil lol, he probably things I have like…OCD or a totally indecisive mind…which…is all partially true lol.

    It was odd, this weekend we actually talked about it, and timing. It feels weird planning a human…and hopefully there’s still some sponteneity to it.