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Guess who had their first visit to the dog park today!? We were a little apprehensive about this first visit, as she’s not 100% on name recognition and recall yet, but the weather was amazing, and we decided to brave the mud and take them out for some fun. The dog park was packed! And after a little leash time, we cross our fingers and let her go.


Tildy quickly became the darling of the dog park. She went up to every single person, played with kids and ran around with the big dogs.


Charming a stranger.




Meanwhile, Clive befriended a gun-shy greyhound. Two peas in a pod those two.


All in all a great trip to the dog park, though it resulted in some serious baths when we got home. Mud EVERYWHERE.

We decided to celebrate a successful trip and the amazing weather with some bbq. Neil went to Wurstfest on Saturday (he’s working on his write-up) and brought back an amazing assortment of brats and sausage. We decided to feast on the peach and jalapeno brats from Kurzweils’, which were Neil’s favorite.


Huge chunks of peach!


Kebabs to keep it interesting.


Fresh asparagus.


While dinner was cooking, we noticed the pups were more than a little tired…




Luckily the food was done — enough to ooze…peach.

All in all a good weekend! While Neil was at Wurstfest, I PR’d two of my olympic lifts, my thruster (now at 65 pounds) and clean (now at 85 pounds). He got a little more work done on the car and I started and finished the first book in the Hunger Games series. Have you seen the movie yet? Did it stand up to the book?

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Awww look at Tildy falling asleep on her feet. I love when our dogs do that. I am going to get the Hunger Games series this weekend. The kids and I all want to read at least the first one before we see the movie.