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I love WordPress

By March 22, 2008Uncategorized

I used to have my family/update stuff on Blogger, but eventually most of the blogs that were being created were like…spam blogs. I’ve been loving wordpress, and as I do things throughout the day I often sit for a few minutes and shuffle through a few different blogs. It’s fascinating what you learn about people. Not so much the activities or goings-on, but their interests and personalities.

For instance, I just spent about 10 minutes reading through a girl’s blog and she was interested…or maybe obsessed with origami…particularly paper stock and those simple paper cranes we all learned how to make in elementary school.  Her schtick is to take these different cranes with messages and stuff written on them and leaving them in places…like the Orlando Airport, the Kohl’s dressing room, and a pub in Chicago. I’ll be the first to say …yeah it is dorky, but I’m also the first to say that I would be totally stoked if I found one in a dressing room. It’s the same feeling I get when I get mail that’s not a bill.

I need to take up correspondence again, I have a circle that loves it, and it would be fun to exchange little handi-crafts and girly things. It I’m sure would be complimentary to racing and getting under cars right? I’m such a weirdo.