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Clive’s done it again

By September 26, 2012February 9th, 2013Clive, Dogs


So I still owe you a race recap. I had hoped to finish and publish it last night, but we had a little emergency with Clive. Neil was making dinner (Fajita bowls – amazing, will share) and lost grip on an avocado pit and it fell on the floor, where of course Clive proceeded to swallow it. As my brother put it lovingly, “he is a few more incidents away from having his own category (“Things Clive has eaten that he shouldn’t have”) on Family Feud.”

We try to convince ourselves that this is his quirk, the scar his past has left on him. He was abandoned to starve in a house, and now feels that every meal, every bite even, is his last. He’s bitten steel crates apart and crunched porcelain bowls to pieces. He’s eaten whole cantaloupes, bags of coconut and corn cobs. Oh and chewing gum, for which I’ll never forgive myself. When you watch him, you can’t help but see that his eyes glaze over, like he’s not even there. We know it’s not our faults, really, but it’s hard not to feel like we’ve failed him, failed to protect him from himself and his ghosts.

He didn’t regurgitate it with meds at the vet, so now we wait and watch his poop. His vet is convinced he’ll pass it, so keep your fingers crossed for us.