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"I'd Roll Need"

We were at a complete loss for what to name the blog, but knew it needed something distinguishing. We’re very ecclectic and can’t really peg ourselves to any one interest, hobby, or focus and it made picking a name very difficult. “I Roll Need” is a phrase adapted from World of Warcraft, a game Neil played when we met, and that we both play and enjoy together now. When you’re playing an instance or with a group and loot drops from something you kill, you have the option to “pass” on it, or “roll need.” Obviously you’d “roll need” on something you really like or want for yourself. As with many geeky phrases, it’s entered our everyday vocab (yes we’re lame). We see something we like, we say “I’d roll need” on that. Since this blog is filled with tidbits, life’s events and other things we enjoy, what better way to encompass it all?