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Ideal Bookshelves

By April 9, 2010Art, Books, Illustration



I am loving these “Ideal Bookshelves” by The Curiosity Shoppe and artist Jane Mount (found on Design*Sponge, I love her!) I love the themed collections and can imagine that my bff Rachel’s shelf looks much like the first photo. I wonder what mine would look like? What kind of books line your shelves?


  • Erin says:

    Currently? After packing up most of our books when we turned our dining room into the kids room I only have three bookshelves in the house. Kids books- which range from the Dr. Sears books for me, the “chubby board” books that they drag around and “read” endlessly and the “good- special- don’t touch these books” that we’ve got for them later on, when they stop ripping pages and eating covers. Lots of Shel Silverstein, my husbands copy of Wind in the Willows and many many others. Did you know if you grow up with just 13 books (13?!) in your house you have a leg up on the majority of people…who don’t have any books at all? I can’t imagine no books. Moving on. In the kitchen I have our favorite cookbooks that I simply couldn’t pack up, I have well over 200 hundred so choosing was difficult. The one that gets used the most? The one I started writing in in college that has all the family favorites in it. Then we have “my” shelf- all Russian, all the time. I get pretty excited when Lincoln pulls down the Chekhov and drags it around for awhile. Of course there are books stashed in nearly every corner as well. I can’t help it. I don’t think I could ever get an eReader.

  • I fixed your Sushi! 🙂
    Sorry about that. In trying to edit the size the I accidentally made duplicates and then erased the wrong one. I wasn’t thinking.
    It’s back in action though.
    You make some of the most amazing food, BTW!

  • my bookshelf contains travel books, leisure reads, cook books (of course) and MBA books that i liked too much to sell back.

  • Rachel says:

    This is how I wish my shelf was stocked 🙂 I may have to get a few of those just to see how accurate it is. What was the category for this one?