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Impromptu Frenzy

By January 29, 2013February 22nd, 2013CrossFit, DIY, House, Weekend

Another mostly working weekend that was roughly 85% unexciting. We have several projects all nearing completion at the same time and so my head has been completely consumed with my checklists, code checks and last-minute details. It’s not exactly exciting blog fodder.

To be fair, we did a few cool things. We did a ridiculous Hero WOD on Saturday that we’re still swollen up from, but so proud of ourselves for surviving. We also attended the first meeting of the CrossFit competition team and weightlifting club our coach is starting (I’m joining — Neil was there for support). We also had a date night at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. But for the most part — we worked, a lot.

We were both a little bummed by Sunday night. The past few weekends feel like they have completely passed us by, and aside from work, we haven’t done a lot else. We’ve both been a little itchy to do a house project, or leave town — SOMETHING.

So while I settled into a little housecleaning to break up the monotony, Neil got a little crazy. I was vacuuming when he asked me to come to the kitchen to help him take some “trash out”


No more pantry shelves!? To be fair, they’ve been bugging us for a while. They’re completely useless. They are weak, and you can’t open them without knocking into the pantry doors. Plus they are discolored and disgusting. The whole pantry is — a complete eyesore. It’s our goal to get rid of the whole pantry with our remodel (that we’re saving for, along with many other things), but for the time being, Neil apparently saw fit to rip them out.


This simple act turned the whole evening around. We descended into a frenzy of random house projects – addressing annoying things in our house that we’ve apparently been bearing in silence…


Bought a new door and hardware for both kitchen doors…
Because the door going to the garage is old and disgusting and the non-locking gold hardware is on our last nerve.


Removed all the phone jacks… Because we will never have a land line, and off-white and flesh-colored outlets are the suck. Subsequently, we were able to remove wires outside of the house as well.


Moving the last of our furniture from the garage and relocating all my cookbooks out of the buffet in the dining room… Because our formal dishes and silver have been sitting in boxes for four years. My great-grandmother would be rolling over in her grave.

It was a nice little spurt, and it was just what we needed.

Obviously though, this means we have tons of work to do this coming weekend. We’re going to patch, repair and repaint the pantry, its doors and the entire kitchen. Which then means we have to repaint the hallway as well. We also have to call a handyman to come size the door (because nothing in this godforsaken house is standard-sized) because we don’t have the tools. We also have to paint the door.

It’s exciting though. Good to feel the momentum of things actually getting done around here. I really need to stop working so much. Haha, who am I kidding.

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  • Rachel says:

    That’s awesome-good for you guys! Can’t wait to see the updates that you guys get to working on. Let me know if there is a weekend that you need help with projects-you know I am good for those!