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Impulse Grocery Shopping

By February 20, 2011December 16th, 2014Friends, Pizza, Weekend

Hard Ciders, a fave.

J.K’s Scrumpy Hard Cider and Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider

Kashi Mediterranean

It was a terrible—albeit giddy—idea to go to the grocery store after the gym. We were S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G, and what started as a quick trip for bread flour and essential gluten ended up netting us a few impulse items.

Leftover Salad

Fresh Salad…



Kashi Pizza

My best friend Rachel, who resolved to get eat better and change her diet this year was writing the other day that grocery shopping is a lot less fun now that she’s eating more healthfully and ethically. It was for us initially too. Passing all the bright and colorful packaging, and the cookie aisle, OH THE COOKIE AISLE! But once we got into it, it wasn’t so bad. And as you can see, it can still be fun and spontaneous sometimes.

Eventually the reward of doing something good for you, that makes you feel good for the right reasons, outweighs the short-term thrill of the binge food buy.

NOM anything good this weekend?