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Jon Stewart: comedian, activist…

By March 13, 2009Politics

In a world of technology, instant, and very accessible news; the fact that Jon Stewart, under the premise of a “comedy show” on a comedy network provides more truth in speech than any of the afforementioned is telling about our society and this country. For the past week, we’ve all watched and cheered as he took on CNBC, a lip service to corporations and individuals key suspect to the downturn of our economy, and last night we witnessed the pinnacle as he did more speaking than listening to Cramer, who until last night had been soldiering on with confident assurance that he had not made mistakes and given horrible advice under a horrible premise. For your enjoyment and Friday haul to the weekend, here are Stewart’s best take-downs.

Jon Stewart vs. Chris Matthews – Probably the worst interview Matthews has ever done…but there’s still time.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire – Legendary!

John Stewart vs. Wolf Blitzer – the Wolf!

John Stewart vs. Jonah Goldberg – watching right now.