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Keeping Tradition

By August 10, 2010Food, Wedding

What the?


Cutting back the wrapping



Because we spent our first anniversary in Montana, we’re just now getting around to a few of the things we said we’d do. Well actually, this one wasn’t our idea, someone said we had to do this, so we said “sure, why not.” Apparently the tradition started as a christening rite for a couple’s first child, but since I can’t fathom moving this cake across Kansas or eating it after 5 (or more) years, our one-year anniversary seemed monumental enough.

So for the past year this little morsel has been tucked away in the back of our freezer taking up valuable real estate. But with our recent fruit and veggie surge, it was more sheer necessity than nostalgia that motivated us to pluck it out last night. The whole thing was like looking at pictures of the Titanic, you just kept trying to picture how great it looked before. It tasted just fine, almost exactly the way it did when we peeled it from our faces at our wedding. Neil and I didn’t even get a piece because we ran out, so this is really the first and only time we got to eat our wedding cake.

Want to see photos of our wedding? Check out our Flickr album.

Did you keep any wacky wedding traditions?


  • That’s so funny! The SAME thing happened to us. It was all gone before we got a piece. Plus, I was too nervous/busy to even bother with the cake at our wedding. So, our first piece was at our 1-year, too 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    I barely ate too! I remember Neil bringing me something to drink and I know I had a plate of food, but I have no clue what it was. It was all such a whirlwind!

  • I always wondered how a year old frozen cake would taste! Glad it was edible. And your wedding photos are beautiful! Congrats on your anniversary. I’m hoping by the time we give in and get married, cupcakes are still chic. 😉