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Lazy New Years

By January 3, 2014Food, Goals, Holiday



Our New Year’s was extremely low-key. Pizza and gaming. My friend Kendra joined us, and between the two of us, we managed to build an entire thriving city in Sim City. I actually had a blast. I love simple — pajamas and warm drinks, a few movies, lots of games. I’ve never really had the patience for the mechanics of going out and fighting throngs of people or bar hopping in the dead of winter and then trying to find a safe way home. Just unnecessarily tedious. I’m getting old aren’t I?

I haven’t even started thinking about resolutions or goals for this year. Maybe it’s just because so much happened last year (good and bad) that I don’t even know where to begin with this year. Right now 2014 feels like a parachute that I’m happy to land in without high expectations. Still, I feel like I should still attempt to set some ideas in writing…

How are you approaching resolutions, goals or desires for 2014?