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Life with kids: reclaiming our evenings

By May 5, 2016May 9th, 2016Weekend

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I had several different titles for this post, but everything sounded like an adult film title, or possibly would have made our site look like a hub for adult film titles, so I went with something a little less SEO-optimal, but a little more safe. Oh the perils of blogging…

It’s no secret that life with kids kind of warps your concept of personal time and how you spend it. Our downtime is very kid-friendly. Since KK has been old enough to know TV/movies exist, our viewing choices have been dictated by her. The list of new movies we want to see and TV shows we need to catch up on has been out of control for a year and so finally last weekend, Neil put his foot down and Saturday and Sunday night we watched an hour of adult programming.


It’s not like we NEED to see these films or shows, I honestly live in la-la land and am behind in most things. But when all your friends are talking about them, it does give you something to contribute.

So last Sunday we kicked it off with Seth Rogan’s latest, The Night Before. And this Saturday we watched Sisters (Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were brilliant!) and Sunday we caught up on Game of Thrones.

With homemade pizza, because what goes better with movies than pizza right?


I really thought KK would go wild not being able to watch Mickey or Minions and try to run wild in the house, but she was great! She got a little squirrely at the end of both movies, but we played with her baby dolls and read books. I didn’t really effect following the movie for me at all.

We had a great rest of the weekend. I coached and did a WOD Saturday morning at CrossFit Fringe. It was a grueling 20-minute partner WOD:

20-minute AMRAP
20 overhead squats (95/65)
20 calorie row (resting person has to do a handstand hold)
20 power snatches (95/65)
100 double-unders

My 9am warriors going after it:

Some partner WOD action from early morning warriors!

A video posted by CrossFit Fringe (@crossfitfringe) on

Don’t you just hate how great tall people are at rowing? Us shorties just can’t catch a break! We were into our fifth round when we ran out of time. I was definitely dazed for a bit!


Meal prep was super easy this week. I made the super soft banana cookies that were a hit last week (I need to share that recipe with you guys) and tried a Creamy Cucumber-Radish salad recipe that popped up on Pinterest. It literally is just green onion, radish, and cucumber mixed with cottage cheese and a little salt and pepper. So easy!


Neil smoked a bunch of whole chickens he had brined, and we also did our normal salad/breakfast prep.

life with kids

All in all, a good weekend. KK has been talking up a storm and devouring books like crazy, so I have a feeling another language post is going to be in the works!

How is your week going?