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Meal Planning (4/5-4/11)

By April 8, 2015Baby Meals, Food, MK, Paleo


Ack, Wednesday. It’s been a really busy week, but Neil’s first race is this weekend. Our normal preparations have been complicated by the onslaught of “April showers” that have made getting the trailer out of storage and other things around the house impossible. Our lake, I mean yard, is so saturated that the dogs refuse to enter it. Needless to say, the carpet shampooer is getting more workouts in this week than we are.


Our roast from last week lasted much longer than we thought (thanks to serving over salad and in sandwiches, etc), and this week we decided to go equally as economical and buy a whole chicken and a mess of side veggies. Again, not very entertaining or inspiring (are any of my meal plans “inspirational” really?) but I think we’ll be eager to diversify a bit next week once things settle down a bit. I’ve been a pinning machine after Kaitlan falls asleep.

Roughly $45, with ingredients for lunches, breakfasts, etc. and some fun stuff like drinks and snacks.


Easter Dinner at the parents house


Leftover MEGA Pot Roast


Baked whole chicken with steamed green beans and potato wedges


Leftover Baked whole chicken with steamed green beans and potato wedges


Wing it! (Neil has to go borrow a trailer from a very generous friend)


Wing it! (We’ll be in STL prepping for the race)


Wing it! (We’ll be in STL pracing)

Beeb Food

Well after my post last week, we have had quite a bit of success with Beeb bringing food to her mouth. While she doesn’t do it with any of her softer purees, she’s mastered anything that has a shape she can get a handle on, and it’s so adorable!

7.5 months, KK eating a green bean at Flatbranch from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

Kaitlan is still eating on her stash of food from almost a month ago. I guess I thought she’d go through it much faster, but we still have maybe a weeks worth left. It’s a testament to just how easy making your own baby food is. One two-hour session and almost 3 weeks worth of food!

That being said, I’m itching to make another round of food for her. I’ve been reading a ton of baby food books and pinning things to shake up her flavors and textures a bit. Some things I have in mind:

  • Full-fat Greek yogurt
  • Rice/Rice pudding
  • Beans and lentils
  • Eggs

As you can see, this adds new textures as well as the flavors and focuses on foods that offer a good balance of protein, carbs and fat.

Sippy Cups - Kohler Created

Something else we’ve been playing with in the past week is the new sippy cup we received from my BFF Rachel. Kaitlan loves drinking from straws and regular cups so this gives her the satisfaction of that activity while hopefully scaffolding in our desire for her to actually hold the cup while she drinks. We’re trying a few different cups. In addition to the Zoli Baby Bot, we also have a Nuby 3-Stage Bottle.

Happy-belated eats this week!