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Meal Planning (5/3-5/9)


I kept this week’s meal planning superSUPER simple this week because I knew Neil was coming back from his float trip late Sunday and there wouldn’t be a lot of time to prep or mess around on Monday. We’re still eating a lot of chicken because it translates to Beeb’s meal prep and it saves us time in the long run not having to prep separate meat.


Something we’ve been doing now for a few weeks is buying a whole chicken to make our lunches with. We’ve been eating chicken or egg sammiches every day for lunch and doing a whole chicken is super easy (crockpot) and inexpensive. We can also peel off bits and make Beeb’s meals or now, just let her munch on at dinner.

Oh and as you can see, it’s sweet corn season! I know it’s not super filling, or Paleo, but I don’t care.

Roughly $60 so far, with ingredients for lunches, breakfasts, etc. and some fun stuff like drinks and snacks.


Frozen Pizza (eating solo)


Crockpot Fajitas (similar to this recipe)


Leftover Crockpot Fajitas


Leftover Crockpot Fajitas


Pork steaks and sweet corn


Pork steaks and sweet corn


Pizza Date Night

Beeb Food

As I mentioned above, meals are kind of evolving for Beeb. It used to be all purees and baby cereal but now she’s eating non-pureed food at breakfast/dinner. For ease of providers, we’re still doing purees for lunch, but both her breakfast and dinner are more “solid” solids.

We’re finishing out the last batch of pureed meat and will need to make some more early this week. I’m also making a more fruity side made of blackberries, spinach, Greek yogurt and a little lemon. I’m really not following any recipes at this point, just seeing combinations of things and kind of winging it.


Also playing with a few more sippy cups — notably this (above – found by my mom) and this.

So good week of eating ahead, LOTS of awesome fruit and veggies in season!

Happy eats this week!


  • Leah says:

    Tell me more about the miracle cup! I’m debating it but not sure. I did buy my little one a straw cup, and she loves it. She also likes to drink out of my camelback straw water bottle, but she dribbles all over herself with that.

    I am avoiding sippy cups, mostly, on the advice of my cousin who is a speech-language pathologist with littles. We have a nalgene sippy that I’ll use when she’s older as a water bottle, but I’m mostly planning on doing straw cups for travel and real cups at home. We’ve been practicing with her holding her own cup while in the tub. She still dumps quite a bit on herself as she’s learning how to control tipping the cup up.

    • Jessica says:

      Woo, practicing in the bath is a great idea!

      I admit, I haven’t done the full diligence of sippy cup do’s and don’ts, but feel myself that anything that mimics what they’ll be using later, straws or regular cups are much better than something I’m just going to have to transition out of again later. Just practical I guess haha.

      So far so good. Everything ends up wet no matter what type of cup, but what I love about the miracle cup is that at least if she chucks it around or bangs it on the floor, there are less pieces to break, and overall it’s soooooo much easier to clean.

      • Leah says:

        I don’t mind sippy cups; this is mostly me being cheap (in addition to my cousin’s advice). If we had them, we’d try more. We tried the Nalgene one, and it’s too tough for her yet. I do like the philosophy of making life easier on yourself 🙂

        I think I will pick up a miracle cup next time we’re at the store and give it a try. Hope it works for us too! And easy to clean would be nice — some of these things have so many parts. I’ll admit that I was super relieved that my little one likes Avent bottles, because the ones we have just have the nipple, ring, and bottle. We only have two bottles at home, so we do a lot of washing some days.