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Minnesota State Fair 2015

By September 21, 2015Family, Travel, Weekend


Beeb added three new states and had her first day at the Minnesota State Fair a few weekends back. It was such a fun, easy trip, and it was soooo good to be back in my home state. We arrived on Friday, had lunch with my Aunt and hit Woodbury Days with my cousin that evening. It was chilly so we bundled Beeb up in her pajamas and a jacket and popped her in the Ergo to listen to music and peruse the fair! They had live music, a food tent, and a live band. She of course loved her glow stick and watching all the kids dance.

Saturday was fair day. We arrived just before morning naptime and saw all the animals. She loved petting the cows and bunnies, but the sheep and goats kind of freaked her out. We let her sample some big people food — corn dogs, walleye, cheese curds and a chocolate milkshake. By the afternoon it got really crowded so we escaped and had dinner with my aunt. A few pics:








Sunday we had brunch and then it was back on the road toward home. I think next year we’ll probably add a day or two to our stay to do more, and our strategy at the fair will be to arrive early, eat all the good food right away before the lines get hairy, check out more exhibits later in the day. So much fun though, can’t believe it’s already Fall!

Note: Sorry for all the colors, I’ve been having too much fun with Flickr’s photo options lately.