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Loving Lately

By October 26, 2013December 16th, 2014Cool Stuff, CrossFit

I see these types of posts quite a bit and have always kind of been on the fence with them. While I love seeing things people find, I love especially when it’s things they really love, and are not being paid to love. So with that, here are a few of the things I’m loving lately.


Progenex Cocoon: I’ve always been on the fence about Progenex. I’ve read articles about concerns in the quality of their products, as well as some of the less than ethical things their executives have done. I also typically don’t like products that I feel are exclusively are branded for CrossFit. But with everything that’s happened this year, I’ve had trouble sleeping, so the claims of it helping with sleep while improving recovery were impossible to ignore — especially in a heavy training cycle. So far, I’m enjoying it. It tastes great heated, like hot chocolate. And it definitely helps with sleep — without all the weird dreams the liquid magnesium I typically take gives me.

So will I buy it again? I’m not sure yet. While it works, it’s hard to ignore all the other stuff.


Fit-Aid: We are about to start carrying this at CrossFit Fringe, so I decided to sample them. Part of the job right? I have a HUGE weakness for energy drinks. Monster’s, Red Bull, Vitamin Water  — they are irresistible! And I hate it that I love them so much. So with this one promising to be Paleo-friendly and minimally processed, I figure maybe (a huge maybe) it’s the less of two evils? Tastes good — like Fresca.



Kate Spade: Despite being ridiculously indecisive and guilt-ridden about it for the past four months, Neil finally talked me into getting the bag I was lusting after — a Kate Spade (!!) that finally went on sale. I’m completely in love with it — in the sense that I’m completely OCD and anxiety-ridden about even leaving the house with it. I rarely splurge. While I’d like to consider myself “low-maintenance,” Neil actually says I’m borderline stingy (with love). I can’t help it. Years of two jobs and living paycheck to paycheck after college will do that to a person.

So I was stringing along two old purses that were in tatters — and he said rather than getting another Target bag, I should get something that will last that I really like — that saving money now won’t mean anything if I’m not happy and having to replace the bag in a year. So I spent four months looking at purses. Could. Not. Make. Up. Mind. But this is perfect. Big, but not too big, and it will fit a book and/or my tablet. Seriously, those were my criteria. At least I know I’m not alone.


Tea: I’ve watched all week as bloggers made their way to their respective Disney-sponsored events. I love Disney, and I was feeling a bit left out, so this gift from Erica made me feel a lot better. I love the artwork on the nesting tins.

So those are a few things I’ve been loving lately. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  • Rachel says:

    I love the bag! I am so jealous of it 🙂 I have been eyeing the Grover Court Lainey in the two tone but I am like you- stingy oh so stingy with my money. Can’t wait to see it in person 🙂