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Off to Honeymoon…

By August 7, 2009Camping, Honeymoon, Travel

Photo of Estes Park, Colorado circa 1909

We are in the final hours of preparation to leave on our honeymoon. Does that sound swoony? We’re off to Estes Park, Colorado tomorrow around midnight for a week of camping, backpacking and trails! I’ve been excited for weeks, even though we pretty much had to wait until after the wedding to finalize the details. Last night we made a huge batch of Chex Mix, a Neil favorite and tonight we will finish off our grocery shopping for dry goods and snacks. We finally found our camera charger for the Canon, so we’ll be able to take decent pictures and document our survival or near death experiences. Prepare yourselves, I’m a shutterbug.

On this honeymoon we will:

  • Hike till we drop (many many miles of trails and paths to cover)
  • Read fun books
  • Eat S’Mores EVERY DAY
  • Grill hot doggies over an open fire
  • Ride a horse (maybe)
  • Not get eaten by creatures
  • Love my husband to death!
  • Visit the Stanley Hotel

One of the things critical to any vacation relaxation for me is a good book. While surfing through some travel sites, several backpackers recommended reading “Lord of the Rings”. I’ve read thousands of books (literally) but have yet to tackle the series. Having seen bits and pieces of the movies with a budding interest in science fiction/fantasy I’ve decided this is the perfect opportunity to take this on. So last night I picked up the whole set in a book and borrowed “The Hobbit” from our library. Neil also went geek (he’s already pretty geeky) and borrowed Nueromancer from the library. “Neuromancer” (from what Neil has told me) is the book from which the Movie ‘Matrix’ was conceived. Pretty neat. I read the first 20 pages or so on the way back from the library and it seems pretty interesting, so I might nab that when i’m done with “Lord of the Rings.”

I’d also like to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts that made this trip possible. We love you!


  • Sheena says:

    OMG I hope you love LOTR!!! It’s my fave book in the world! For some people they get stuck in the first book and never move on. I actually like the first book the most, but if you don’t then just persevere. The imagery and imagination and idea that Tolkien made up these races and entire histories of these races and gods and languages in full is AMAZING!!! I really hope you enjoy the book and enjoy the honeymoon. S’mores everyday sounds great!

  • Samantha says:

    I’ve been reading up on a classic too. I’ve never read Gone with the Wind, so J.D. bought it for me and we brought it with us. I recommend it sometime…much more detailed than the movie, of course. Hope you’re having a great time!