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Weekend Naps

By February 2, 2016CrossFit, Food, Meat, Paleo, Weekend, Whole30

The weekend feels like it flew by — probably because I spent a lot of it napping.


Oh that face…she’s becoming such a little person these days. I need to capture video of her stomping around the house like she owns the place. Such a little boss. I sometimes catch my breath on the thought that there was a time this house held no trace of this little person. It’s so much more our home now.

Kaitlan took two long afternoon naps on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday it was from 2-5pm, and on Sunday it was 12:30-3:30pm. Because we most of the time will nap with her or sleep while she sleeps, that meant I got two long naps in as well. I definitely missed some of the warm weather everyone else got to enjoy, but if I’ve learned anything from being a parent, it’s that you never say no to a nap.

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

It was still a pretty exciting weekend otherwise. Friday night we had our FNL (Friday Night Lights) event at CrossFit Fringe for January. I managed to squeeze in most of the workout while taking pictures of the event. It looked brutal, and there was sweat everywhere.

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

Sorry for the ugly flash, I forgot my external so was just using the stock camera one!


Saturday morning we ran a bunch of errands. With the close of our Whole30 Challenge just a few days away, we decided that an electric smoker would definitely help our meal prep moving forward. Several of our members have one and it was a lifesaver for them. We’ve been wanting one for years, so it seemed like the perfect time to pull the trigger.


Of course, the moment we bought one, the grocery store didn’t have any pork butts (they have literally had them every week for 2 years, I swear), so we ended up with chicken and ribs our first go-round. Not too shabby though (understatement). Good purchase decision.


In other food news, Kaitlan’s re-introduction to cow’s dairy after the stomach bug over the weekend was also successful, so that’s a relief! I also meal-prepped my rice pudding and Kaitlan’s sandwich bread for the week. I’m still playing with recipes to get the perfect one, but she loved this one, so here is the recipe. I find it a little bland for my tastes.


Sunday was our first ROMWOD mobility class at Fringe! We did a survey around New Year’s to gauge people’s feedback about our programs and services, and one of the clearest suggestions we received was the need for some kind of structured mobility offering. We offer a blended service of ROMWOD and a few of our own suggestions, and the first class went great!

All in all, a great weekend!