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Our Belated New Year’s Resolutions

By January 12, 2010April 16th, 2010blogging, Crafts, Education, Food, Jessica, Neil, Travel

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Is it a bad omen when we’re already two weeks behind in getting these up?

In our defense, tons of our (mainly Neil’s) projects had go-live/completion deadlines in the first two weeks and we’ve pushed ahead earlier than originally planned on one of our financial resolutions to replace a car with a new and better one while we could still get some money for the old one. All in all this has made for a very busy few weeks. My Christmas decorations are even still up. We’re off and running people, and if these first 12 days are any indication, we’re going to need to keep this house stocked with beer, chocolate, coffee and Cheez-its to offset the insanity and loss of personal time. Yes we fill that void with food. Terrible vices.

We’re not super rigid with our yearly resolutions. We don’t make long detailed lists filled with hundreds of things we unfairly hold ourselves to. We’re not looking to impress either believe me. Two years ago we started limiting our resolutions entirely to things we wanted to accomplish for ourselves recreationally and outside of work and I can honestly say it makes them more fun and rewarding to conquer. Without further rambling, a list of 10 from each of us:

Neil’s Top 10 Resolutions

  • Work harder/faster in my undergrad classes.
  • Work harder at the gym to maximize the time I do get to work out.
  • Work on spending more time doing outside activities.
  • Do more camping/hiking (Montana cont divide maybe?).
  • Do at least 3 track days and improve my driving.
  • Put more money into savings (around $500-$1k/mo).
  • Pay off the remainder of our Jetta loan (currently around the $4k mark).
  • Be a good husband.
  • Eat organic and/or cage free only (esp. any meats).
  • Take the time out to have fun, even if it accomplishes nothing.

Jessica’s Top 10 Resolutions

  • Run a 5k using the Couch to 5k method.
  • Learn to bake bread. Not crumbly useless bread, something that masterfully and almost manly holds a sammich together.
  • Camp and hike at least three times this year. I hope this includes a trip to Montana to see the Continental Divide.
  • Lower my eco-footprint through the elimination of unnecessary plastics and disposable containers.
  • Pay off my Jetta loan, which is currently around the $4k mark.
  • Eat and buy more organic and fair trade.
  • Grow more food.
  • Take GRE and finish school (God please!)
  • Be a better helper to Neil and a good wife. Start a journal that documents our marriage.
  • Take a knitting/embroidery class.

So there you have it. Not exceptionally  remarkable or life-changing from the outside, but each little step and goal we set before us is possible because of both the minor and major things we’ve accomplished thus far. I think the biggest difference between the way we work the balance of work and play in our marriage versus the way I experienced it growing up is that our balance is a balance because otherwise the greatest accomplishments at work are tainted by all the sacrifice and time for play that can’t be recovered. We’re realizing more and more as our twenties near an end how fast time really does fly by and how much there is to do and experience in such a short time. Are we the only one’s thinking this? What are some of your big goals for not only this year, but the next 5 years?


  • Samantha says:

    I’m not even 24 and I’ve been thinking about that…Then again, I’m crazy. I think your lists are very reasonable and I like how similar they are. Much easier to maintain or achieve them that way. I think the big things on my list this year are to finish our house renovations, cook more from scratch, learn to be happier with what I have. Those are the major ones.

  • Jessica says:

    Well like you and JD, Neil and I are fused at the hip. We are fiercely independent in every other aspect but we don’t function without the other and I just don’t know how that happened.

    I did it at 24 too, so we’re both crazy. But now that I’ll be 28 in March it’s really hitting me that some things HAVE to happen in the next few years because otherwise they throw off things 30 years down the road. I never said I’d be one of those people with a “clock is ticking” mentality, but how do you not?