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Post Wedding Hair

By July 19, 2009March 19th, 2014Jessica

As I’m persistently plagued by pre-wedding insomnia, I’ve had plenty of time to think of everything under the sun and as I’m beyond tired of having longer, no-shape hair, I’d like to get it cut/styled the week after the wedding to something a little more me, and something a little different. If you’ve known me long enough, you know I’ve had the same hairstyle since high school (albeit in varying colors I haven’t been graced with by nature). I’ve attempted to do different things but I always come back to my boring one-length bob. Boo. So I’m opening this up to ideas, picture suggestions or even horror stories of the worst cut you’ve ever had. I’ll start.

Worst haircut I’ve had: (sorry its not my own pic, mine are packed up).
Why this was a bad idea: I was Kate Gosselin before there was Kate Gosselin and it was far from feminine or flattering. I was treated like a boy or mistaken for one more than several times with this haircut, not to mention it was so short there was little I could do with it. I rocked this through most of high school.

Current Hairstyle: One-length Bob.
What works about this hairstyle: I’ve had it so long there are not surprises, and the bob is surprisingly easy to maintain at a slightly shorter length than what I currently have. I have to use very little product which I like because I’m not a fan of too many chemicals and it does not take an engineer to finesse it into a certain place or look.
What doesn’t work about this hairstyle: Overall it has been good to me, but its starting to feel dated, mopish and a bit matronly (this is my opinion). I feel my personality necessitates a look with a little more dynamic, a little edge. I’m only 27, why should I stop now right? The other downside is the amount of hair I have. Although individually, each strand of my hair is thinner than most people’s, I have TONS of it, and at longer lengths I’m realizing it is not only frustrating to fix, but it doesn’t stay in place and looks unkept and disheveled, and not in a good way. I have naturally wavy hair, and at the length I’ve grown it for the wedding, I’m realizing that I’m just going to be one of those unfortunate people who will never know the feeling of longer locks of hair, because mine will be more like a shrub.

My Pictorial Ideas So Far:

I dig this a lot. Not only do I get to keep some of the length that Neil likes, but its a little more modern, includes bangs (which I haven’t had since elementary school) and has a nice shape that I think will flatter my face.



  • Samantha says:

    Poor Jes! I feel your pain in a similar yet different way. I would do almost anything for long beautiful hair. Mine is thin and has no character whatsoever…just boring flat hair (with only one wave in it). Add to that the fact that the front sides won’t grow (when it’s in a ponytail it looks like Juno’s hair from…Juno). It’s quite disgusting. I spent most of my life with boy short hair…and was always mistake for a boy. Every time I try to do something with it, it just looks awkward and stupid. Thus my current hairstyle, which I’ve had for about 3 years and had back in junior high/high school. Sometimes I want to cut most of it off again…but how and why? I’d just be miserable again. So, my advice is to try something different, but not drastic…just a little change…how about some nice modern bangs? A slightly lighter/darker shade? If you like that, and Neil doesn’t flip, then change it a little more a few months from then. That way you ease yourself into something, but it isn’t Earth shattering. I’ve seen too many tears shed over bad/drastic haircuts.

  • Samantha says:

    Okay I totally made that comment before I saw the pictures! I definitely like that idea…

  • kwilcox says:

    How are you going to get Asian?!