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Easy Sweet Corn Hash

By April 24, 2012February 1st, 2013Breakfast, Food, Main Courses, Recipes, Sides


Another meal inspired by a food show, that just happened to coincide nicely with a grocery store sale on sweet corn. We watched Anthony Bourdain cover Cajun Country over the weekend, and were practically drooling over the corn hash, which can be seen here at about minute 5:40 or so. A simple hash of fresh corn, chopped chiles, bell peppers, pork and cayenne — we simply could not resist!

Please note while corn is not considered “Paleo” so if you are strict Paleo you can easily substitute the sweet corn for sweet potatoes and yield the same sweet taste!


2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 pound of ground pork or ground pork sausage
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 teaspoons cayenne pepper
3 ears of sweet corn, boiled or grilled and sliced from the ear (or sub 1 medium sweet potato chopped/steamed)
2 bell peppers, chopped
1 head of cauliflower, grated
3 eggs
2 tablespoons Dr. Braggs Liquid Aminos (optional)
1 tablespoon spicy mustard (optional)
Homemade sriracha sauce (optional)


  1. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil to a large skillet and melt over medium-high heat. Add ground pork and cook through.
  2. Add grated cauliflower and mix with pork. Cook for five minutes and add 1 tablespoon of Dr. Braggs. Cook for 5 minutes.
  3. Add green peppers and corn and cook for an additional 5 minutes. Add remaining tablespoon of coconut oil, spicy mustard and the final tablespoon of Dr. Braggs. Sprinkle cayenne pepper over hash and stir.
  4. Add eggs and stir. Continue to cook until the eggs are cooked through. Serve hot and spicy (to taste).

Makes 6 servings.



Super easy and quick to put together as well as something you can easily customize with anything you have in your veggie stash. If you are strict Paleo, substitute a sweet potato for a little sweet and some good post-workout recovery eats! Can’t wait for leftovers tonight!

This hash makes me so excited for produce season. While we ate plenty of veggies before going Paleo, I feel like we nearly eat our weight in them now, and the diversity and creativity with which we use them has grown exponentially over the past 8 months.

Which summer fruit or veggie are you most excited for?

Note: While this recipe is gluten-free, it’s not fully Paleo. If you’re interested in a Paleo hash, check out our Sweet Potato Hash!


  • Rachel says:

    This looks delish! Just added that to my Ziplist 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      It’s a great BBQ picnic side-ish type of dish. When I make it again, I hope to add herbs from the garden for a little more color.

  • Katie Lillard says:

    I love summer corn on the cob, it has been really good already which is early! I also love strawberries amd peaches in the summer! yummy! Your hash sounds delish by the way!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks! The corn really has been good this season so far. I’m curious to see how the growing season goes with such an early spring.

  • SIm Tweed says:

    Hello. Not to nit pick this wonderful recipe. But you need to substitute ground pork for Tasso. Its smoked spicy pork traditionally used in Cajun cooking. I saw that same Bourdain show in cajun country and he actually eating Maque Choux. Wonderful stuff.