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Rhubarb :NOM:

By June 9, 2009Uncategorized

In the midst of Neil and my newfound obsession with rhubarb, we received a lovely, surprising and very thoughtful gift from our good friends Kory and Elizabeth from Springfield. Rhubarb Jelly! In two variations, one strawberry, and the other orange. We haven’t popped them open quite yet (we moved three things of jelly from our last residence that we have to use up) but they are so darling and we are so appreciative that someone thought of us. Check out Kory’s blog and his amazing music when you get a chance ay? Wish them well, they are getting hitched in just a few short weeks and we can’t wait to be there!

If you are interested, visit the Trappist Monks here, or make your own rhubarb jelly with these recipes.


{image via ME}

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  • kwilcox says:

    🙂 you won’t be disappointed! <3 the Trappist chefs! Just opened a jar of pomegranate jelly the other day… nom nom nom