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Cake Pan

Bundt Cake Pan, under $1.00


Kettle, paid $.25 cents!

Vintage Napkin Dispenser

Neil’s find, vintage napkin holder.


Beautiful Silhouettes, apparently worth quite a bit more than I paid for them!

My new bag!

Score. That’s all I can say to describe this weekend!

It was officially our last free weekend till August 1. There were so many things we wanted to accomplish, and we started the weekend by participating in the Andersonville Neighborhood Rummage Sale. The sale started at 8:00 a.m. but there were people already trying to peruse the goods at 7:00! Neil and I sold a few gaming systems and a book, all in all a tight little $75 profit. We also picked up a few goodies, all for about $10. There were some older ladies on the next block from us and they had some sweet stuff, all extremely well priced. I picked up a gorgeous-shaped cast iron bundt cake pan, a kettle and two sweet vintage silhouettes of George and Martha Washington. It turns out they are worth quite a bit more than the $5.50 I paid! I’m safely packing them away for our bedroom in our future home. I also picked up some vintage art for the kitchen and a new-to-us lamp for our guest room. Neil’s cool find was a vintage napkin dispenser for the kitchen. I can’t wait to fill it and put it next to our mixer. All in all our kitchen has a very emerging eclectic look, but what else can you expect from Neil and I?

That night we decided to treat ourselves to sushi, as we realized it would probably be our last quiet date night for some time. We opted to try the new sushi bar that just opened here in town. It’s actually in an alley behind the main road through our downtown. It was fantastic! Just two years ago there were surprisingly very few ethnic restaurants here. Neil and I ate sushi by the buckets when we traveled other places, particularly Umi in Springfield, MO which is still by far and away our favorite. Kampai Alley definitely has a promising future in Columbia once they get settled. Their sushi is so fresh and we love their good mix of tradition and modernism. I highly recommend the volcano roll and their house special Como Roll. We also sampled the Strawberry Mochi for dessert and it’s a can’t miss for sure. Mochi if done right is phenomenal, mochi if done wrong just tastes like cold, glutinous gummy bears.

Afterwards we decided to hit the mall to look for wedding clothes for Anja and Steve’s wedding this coming weekend and  after passing by the purse department several times Neil insisted I snatch this bag I had my eye on while perusing Dillards. How many husbands insist their wives buy a handbag? I didn’t need it, but I love it and I’m happy I let him talk me into it. In our quest to save money I don’t often treat myself to nice things. I’ve never owned a designer handbag, and it’s not something I toil over. My mom always bought inexpensive purses, it was never something I grew up thinking was a necessity. But the price was right and the quality is amazing so I’m definitely set for a good long while. Like a nerd I remarked loudly in the store “I can fit a book in it!” Yup, practicality at its finest.