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Sick Day

By October 14, 2011Clive, CoMo, Juicing


I’m happy to say we don’t get sick around here often, but when we do, it typically knocks us both out at once. On Wednesday we went to the gym, and when I got home I was feeling…off. Felt dizzy, scratchy throat, fuzzy brain. I was done. Needless to say I haven’t blogged in two days.


So here we are on Friday evening and I think I’m finally coming out of it. Neil felt better hours ago. Bugger. He even worked out in the living room while I laid nearly comatose on the couch. Afterward, he made some juice for me. Lets call this carrot-apple-banana-lime-broccoli juice. Plus some protein powder. So good! It amazes me that store-bought juices add so much sugar, if you add the right combination of fruits and veggies it really doesn’t need additionally sweetening.

Hopefully with another night of good sleep I’ll be back to normal. I hate being sick. When you’re used to running at 150%, being at 60% is no good. I have things to do, and this is Homecoming weekend at Mizzou, I want to tailgate and see friends! Speaking of friends…


This pup has a visitor for the weekend, and possibly longer. We’ll see… More on that tomorrow!

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