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Weekend Bucket List

By May 24, 2013Giveaway, Weekend

First, let’s start with the winner of our Minted Giveaway!


Congratulations Blythe! I will email you with information on how to claim your prize! Thank you everyone for entering, and hopefully there will be more giveaways in the future.

Here are some randoms from our week:


Had pizza for the first time in forever. Still my desert island food for sure. If you’re local, Pizza Tree is the shiznit.


Garden is planted! Keeping it super simple for now, lots of green and 4 types of tomatoes. Stuff we know we eat a lot of. If Neil’s dad makes it up this way again, I’d love for him to build us another bed. Just not enough room for peppers.




Since we’re redoing the deck in a few weeks (yay!), I haven’t done a lot of potted stuff. Just a few things for some color. Neil actually picked everything out for me.


Tons of random reading…


Paleo banana bread via Peanut Butter Runner’s recipe…yum! I’m only a little embarrassed to admit it only lasted about a day and a half.


Felix has been glued to this spot most of the week, as evidence by the growing cocoon of fur. He’s turning into the sweetest little old man.

I feel like I am literally crawling into this weekend. I totally need these 3 days for a good “reset.” You know you are crazy busy when old friends from high school take notice and message you on Facebook to ask how you’re holding up. I’m not kidding. It feels like my first real weekend in a long time, and to make sure I do all the things I really want, I’ made myself a little bucket list:

Help teach a CrossFit class
Make these lemon bars
Cheer on some half marathoners at the Go Girl Half Marathon
Drink a smoothie
Complete “Murph” in under an hour
Work on some cool websites
Make a loaf of sourdough bread
Enjoy at least one cookout
Try this quick bread recipe
Go to the library
Plant some spinach in our garden
Walk the dogs on the trail
Read purely for recreation. Preferably in a hammock.

Do you have a bucket list for this weekend?

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