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Some sweet new stuff!

By March 24, 2010blogging

As you may have noticed, we’ve been (slowly) doing a little housework and adding new features that will hopefully makeĀ I’d {Roll} Need a more useful and interesting experience. We’ve added links to connect you to our feed subscription, twitter, and e-mail. We’ve also added Google Friend Connect a little ways down the page. On my booklist page, I’ve added a link to my GoodReads account, which gets updated almost daily with all the books I hope to read and am being recommended by other book worms around the net. We’ll continue to add things as we think of them and are always looking for new ways to connect with other bloggers and friends on the web.

For now, let’s start with introductions. If you’re new here, a regular reader or just stopping through, feel free to add your link below. It’s a great way not only to let us know you’re out there, but let our other readers find you as well! Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section if there is something you’d like to see more of on our blog. We’re always open to trying new stuff!

Click below and enter your NAME, BLOG NAME, and BLOG ADDRESS (or website, FLICKR, Twitter, however you want people to find you!) and introduce yourself!

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