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Take home Josh Freese's volvo

By February 25, 2009Uncategorized

If it wasnt wonder enough that master drummer Josh Freese is releasing a solo album, the marketing behind it is some thing else!  You wont get this from your average marketing agency!

If you dont know who Josh is, you SHOULD!!

Josh is offering multiple packages in limited quantities.

Here is just a preview:

$10,000 (limited edition of 1)

Signed CD/DVD and digital download T-shirt, T-shirt, Signed DW snare drum from A Perfect Circle’s 2003 tour. Josh gives you a private drum lesson OR his or hers foot/back massage (couples welcome, discreet parking), Twiggy from Manson’s band and Josh take you and a guest to Roscoe’s Chicken n’ Waffle in Long Beach for Diner. Josh takes you and a guest to “Club 33” (the super-duper exclusive and private restaurant at Disneyland located above the Pirates of the Caribbean) and then hit a couple rides afterwards (preferably the Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion and the Tower of Terror). At the end of the day at Disneyland, drive away in Josh’s Volvo station wagon. It’s all yours…take it. Just drop him off on your way home please.

Check out the insanely creative packages at

Here is a promotional video: