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The Cure for the Cold Snowy Day

By January 26, 2009December 16th, 2014Jessica

It looks like we’ve got wintery weather coming. Its definately cold outside. Toward the middle of winter, aren’t you just tired of feeling chilled to the bone? That was the recurrent conversation with Neil and I this weekend. You just don’t want to move from your favorite place on the couch. Even our cats climbed under the blankets. I stumbled across this recipe this morning and it looks like the ultimate cure for the cold weather blues. Enjoy! Oh yeah, and pray for an end to this weather! Brrrrr!

The ULTIMATE Grilled Cheese Sammich (my verbiage)

The secret to making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich is cooking it over low heat, which brings out the subtle flavors of a cheese, and slathering the bread with butter, which crisps it in the pan. Comté, with its semifirm texture and nutty taste, is great for grilling.

4 tbsp. unsalted butter, softened
4  1⁄2″-thick slices sourdough bread
1 8-oz. piece comté cheese, grated

1. Spread butter evenly on both sides of each slice of bread. Put half the cheese on one slice and half on another. Top each with remaining bread slices. Heat a 12″ cast-iron skillet over medium-low heat.

2. Add sandwiches to skillet and cook, flipping once with a metal spatula, until golden brown and crusty on both sides, 18–20 minutes. Transfer sandwiches to a cutting board and slice in half with a knife. Serve warm.

From Saveur