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The Tomato Resurrection

By May 19, 2010Food, Gardening

Tomatoes Pre-transplant

…And the Heavens opened up, and God said “Your tomatoes shall be reborn!” Okay, it didn’t exactly happen like that. Last time you saw our tomatoes, they were looking pretty bad. Some were worse than others, but we were skeptical that we’d have any seeded tomatoes this year. We even went so far as to call their time of death. I’m happy to say we were wrong, not in all cases, some are still looking pretty dead, but we were able to salvage 20 or so gorgeous rebounding tomatoes. Sadly in all the shifting, I have no idea which 20 are what until they flower. I’m hoping all 20 aren’t cherries or Roma’s.


With the freak window of nice weather yesterday, we decided to transplant a few of our tomatoes in the ground. We planted 12 of the best about a meter apart, and will stake or cage them once they have a week or so to acquaint themselves in their new digs. We also transplanted some of our tiny peppers. They’ve been pretty well stunted because of the weather, but we hope the hot and humid forecast this weekend gives them a bit of a boost.

Our "Mild" Peppers

We planted the mild and hot in separate beds to hopefully prevent cross pollination and we hope their new home next to the driveway gives them better and hotter sun. Our full-sized peppers never fully matured last year and we’re thinking it’s because it just didn’t get hot enough. Here’s to hoping for lots of salsa and great veggie meals!