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Tribute to Rally Racing – Part 2

By February 24, 2010Automotive

The best part about Rally Racing is the unpredictable and varying terrains that these incredible drivers must maneuver at speeds that an average person would not even be able to handle on pavement. Rally Races do not stop for tarmac, mud, snow, rain, hail, or any other thing that nature can throw at them.

Check out a couple videos of some amazing driving by Finnish driver Marcus_Grönholm.  Marcus has won the World Rally Championship two times, and came second, only within a few points of the title two other times.

Marcus racing up the 12.42 mile, 156 turn and 14,110 ft above sea level Pikes Peak climb in Colorado!

More amature stunning footage of the Pikes Peak Rally!

More Rally stuff each day this week so check back often!