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Tribute to Rally Racing – Part 1

By February 23, 2010Automotive

One of the best rally video !

In lieu of this weekend’s Rally America 100 Acre Wood Rally in Salem, MO I thought it would be apropriate to share a movie that highlights some of the Rally Racing greats over the years. This is a great video for someone new to Rally to get a quick glimpse of the roots of Rally Racing as well as the nature of the sport.  I will be trying to post an interesting and hopefully exciting Rally video each day this week!

Rally Racing is truly one of the most hardcore of the automotive racing sports.  Wikipedia has a nice overview of exactly WHAT Rally Racing is:

There are two main forms: stage rallies and road rallies. Since the 1960s, stage rallies have been the professional branch of the sport. They are based on straightforward speed over stretches of road closed to other traffic. These may vary from asphalt mountain passes to rough forest tracks, from ice and snow to desert sand, each chosen to provide an enjoyable challenge for the crew and a test of the car’s performance and reliability.
The entertaining and unpredictable nature of the stages, and the fact that the vehicles are in some cases closely related to road cars, means that the bigger events draw massive spectator interest, especially in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Check out our video of the 100 Acre Wood rally we went to last year. This year we will be doing a lot more coverage of the event and will have a full post for you all to enjoy.