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We've made a decision!

By April 21, 2008Uncategorized

So I think we have our first decision made. Behold the church we hope to get married in. Sacred Heart is in Downtown Columbia nestled between the downtown area and Stephens College. It’s beautiful, and traditional and surrounded by adult trees a brick road (not yellow unfortunately, ha!) and several old brick school buildings. We had three to choose from. Lourdes was eliminated first, as we found it to be too big, and next to a Hobby Lobby and car dealership (i.e. not picturesque). Newman Center was a serious consideration as we liked the progressive community filled with people we’d get along with, but it’s a huge hotel and would be bloody hell to decorate (not a thrilling part of my skill set).

So this morning we drove to our final consideration, Sacred Heart and instantly fell in love with it’s traditional and beautiful accents. The woodwork and stained glass alone was easy to fall in love with. Here are the pictures we took before the mass. Enjoy!

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

We also made several more accomplishments. Some narrowing of prospective dates for the wedding. Our wedding will be the last weekend of June or the second weekend in July of 2009. We’ve set these as the two choices. Obviously June is our first choice and July is the second. So tentatively block your calendars!

Our other big accomplishment was our clean-up and set-up of our deck space at the apartment. It’s gorgeous. We have our chairs, a small bbq grill, and flowers and herbs! It’s so beautiful. We even bought decorative outdoor lights for nighttime enjoyment. Here are the pics!

We planted impatiens, Vinca, Rosemary, Oregano, Catnip and Mint. They look great, and the deck smells beautiful. Our apartment butts against a nice wooded area, and once the trees leaf out it will be so incredibly serene and private!