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Off For the Weekend

By April 23, 2010Clive, Friends, Travel, Wedding, Weekend

Anja and I at Halloween. I was Billy Mays and she was Kate Gosselin

I know we’ve been a little absent this week. With the amount of freelance coming in and adopting Clive, we’ve been a little busy. Life happens, and sometimes a few things have to be put on hold while you’re out enjoying and doing what you love. This morning I’m off to Minnesota with my best friend Anja for her bachelorette party. I’m so excited to celebrate one last night of total debauchery with her in my hometown, and to watch her get more excited for her June 12 wedding. We’ve been friends since high school and I can’t imagine anyone else I’d rather know that long. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and we’ll return to normal next week!