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1 year ago

By August 14, 2015Jessica, MK, Weekend


Kaitlan is just about a year old! 1 year ago today I had my first contraction. I was walking back to work after having lunch with Neil downtown. I’m not sappy about it or anything, but I’ll probably be reliving it a bit throughout the weekend. Some days I feel like it was eons ago, and then other (like today) it feels like it was just yesterday.


In much more pleasant, non-labor news, Kaitlan is just obsessed with books lately. They are littered throughout our house and she’s actually had meltdowns the past three nights when I finish a particular one because she wants to hear it again. Meltdown aside, it is so unbelievably cool to see this side of her little personality come out. She’s even making gestures and facial expressions to correspond to things she’s trying to communicate with us (kind of like this video). I can’t get enough!

One Comment

  • Rachel says:

    I am so glad that she is obsessed with books 🙂 Fits in nicely with one of her presents 🙂