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Random Thursday

By November 8, 2012February 9th, 2013Books, Clothing, Cool Stuff, Food, House

I liked writing the last Random Thursday so much that I thought I’d do it again. There always seem to be little things going on around here throughout the week that are fun to share, but aren’t deserving of a whole separate post. These are those things.


We bought a bowl for our vegetables. I was so tired of having various veggies laying all over our counters (the ones that don’t need refrigeration) that I decided to corral them in a bowl. Yup, no fruit bowl in this house, just a big bowl of veggies.


Neil’s mom sent us a deck of Boston Terrier cards she found. LOVE!


I absolutely love Mother Earth News, but it makes me feel like the biggest failure ever.


We’re having plumbing issues this week — and of course, with an old house, nothing is easily fixed. The project involves rerouting a pipe for better drainage. This after another $600 emergency project last month. Why? Because f*ck us, that’s why! No seriously, that’s our motto. Sometimes it’s like The Money Pit up in here.


I saw this at the library and had to give it a look. I’ve read Healthy Tipping Point¬†on and off for a few years, and thought it’d be cool to read a book by someone I’ve actually talked to. So far, it’s pretty good, though I’m not exactly suffering from lack of motivation or a plan of attack when it comes to my fitness.


Tea that tastes like sugar cookies? Sign me up! I didn’t know Celestial Seasonings had holiday flavors?


I know I’m several years late to Bondi Bands, but they are amazing! They don’t slide off my head during running or CrossFit.


A graphic novel by Anthony Bourdain about a renegade sushi chef. What else is there to say? I can’t wait to read Get Jiro! Felix is excited too.

Have any random thoughts this week?