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10 Things I Keep in My Gym Bag

By May 13, 2015CrossFit, Exercise

10 Things I Keep in My Gym Bag - Kohler Created

I love reading posts like these from athletes of all types/backgrounds, so I thought I’d create a post of my own about my gym bag necessities that stay with me at all times!

  1. Wrist Wraps for lifting.
  2. Nuun for those times when you need a little extra in your hydration plan — typically in summer with running workouts.
  3. Jump N Rope, a simple rope for dreaded workouts that involve double-unders, my nemesis.
  4. Voo Doo Floss Bands, my lifesaver for recovery. I keep a set in my bag and at work.
  5. Mantra cards/random WOD notes for inspiration, important reminders and because I love to remember my favorite workouts in a tactile way.
  6. Lifting shoes my pride and joy and my favorite item in the bag. I love anything Inov8.
  7. Deodorant┬áto use when I work out then have to stay over to coach or meet with clients. I bounce between using straight men’s deodorant, and Secret Clinical Strength. Nothing else works.
  8. Lacrosse ball/The Stick/Ibuprofen for mobility and recovery. They definitely cause more pain than anything in the bag.
  9. Protein powder/BCAA’s for pre- and post- workouts. I use SFH.
  10. Shaker bottle(s) live all over my house, but I try to keep one in my bag at all times.

What are your gym bag staples?

Disclosure: I am participating in the Women’s Health Action Hero program and have been provided with samples from the Secret Clinical Strength and the opportunity to participate in an ambassadorship program for the period of a year in exchange for my thoughts, awareness through blog posts and opinions about any products or opportunities I partake in.