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100 Skills Every Girl Should Master

By February 16, 2010blogging, Cool Stuff

I’ve been on a complete mastery kick lately. I have my reasons, but if there’s a challenge or something I haven’t tried or tackled I’m determined to at the very least give it a shot. So when I found this great list by Mighty Girl (via Apartment Therapy) I knew I’d be able to add a few more challenges/life goals to my overall list, which I need to put to writing at some point. Here is her list:

1. Set goals
2. Keep a plant alive
3. Care for a baby:
4. CPR
5. Feel confident naked
6. Interview for a job
7. Bake a birthday cake
8. Use a fire extinguisher
9. Use a compass
10. Express condolences
11. Tell a joke
12. Remember names
13. Sharpen a knife
14. Dump a poisonous friend
15. Check your oil and tires
16. Relax/Meditate
17. Apologize
18. Be polite
19. Get a good night’s sleep
20. Dress appropriately for the situation
21. Type
22. Fight fair
23. Read
24. Ask for exactly what you want
25. Trap a rat or mouse
26. Basic stretches and/or yoga poses
27. Heimlich
28. Please a partner sexually
29. Tell your partner what you want in bed
30. Shine your shoes
31. Make your case in writing
32. Tie a scarf or tie (bowtie too)
33. Jump a car
34. Mix a signature drink
35. Delegate
36. Make a simple meal for company
37. Give a neckrub
38. Drive a stick
39. Ride a bike
40. Swim
41. Use chopsticks
42. Make a new friend
43. Build something simple (ie: shelf, desk, treehouse)
44. Change a tire and put on snow chains
45. Give a toast
46. Make a perfect egg
47. Speak in public
48. Improve your mood
49. Simple mending
50. Travel light
51. Steam vegetables
52. Negotiate
53. Be a good listener
54. Be alone comfortably
55. Select good produce
56. Maintain your weight
57. Build savings
58. Say no/disappoint someone
59. Use a drill
60. Flexibility/equanimity in the face of the unexpected
61. Make small talk
62. Skip a rock
63. Set personal boundaries
64. Organize your home
65. Deliver a eulogy
by Tom Chiarella
66. Shuffle a deck of cards
67. Dance socially
68. Know a second language
69. Win the affection of a dog or cat
70. Write a quality love letter
71. Play one card game well
72. Eat healthfully
73. Create a budget
74. Take a decent photo
75. Order the wine
76. Know what makes you happy
77. Flirt
78. Make a good first impression
79. Write a thank you note
80. Find a perfect gift
81. Assertiveness
82. Arriving on time
83. Make a little kid laugh
84. Kiss well
85. Make a good mix tape
86. Tie basic knots
87. Dress to flatter your shape
88. Build a campfire
89. Change the subject
90. Acquire or shed a habit
91. Treat a hangover
92. Be a good judge of character
93. Season a cast-iron skillet
94. Give a compliment
95. Accept a compliment
96. Contribute in group situations
97. Judge yourself by your own yardstick
98. Calculate the tip
99. Ask for a raise
100. Build a shelter

I claim willful defeat on anything involving children, not my cup-o-tea. Many of these are really basic, but I bet you can find a few on here that you wouldn’t think to challenge yourself to or know more about. I know I did. Do you keep a list of goals/challenges and how do you work them into your daily life? Which are easier/harder than others for you?

If you like this  list, check out her “100 Things To Do Before I Go.”


  • Sheena says:

    Some of these are issues that you do some of the time but rarely do all of the time, so I included in my “YES” column items I do more than I don’t do.

    With that said, I have accomplished about half of these. Not sure if that is good or bad, but yes that is the way it is.

  • Jessica says:

    Yeah, I did the same. I think if anything it makes you think and acknowledge all the little things you might not otherwise because of all the big goals there are. Her life list is pretty cool too!