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Happy New Year!

By December 31, 2008Uncategorized


It’s crazy that even though I have so much more time with my new job that somehow I don’t get around to writing more. I have lots of thoughts, and am always thinking, learning and discovering new things however when the time comes to sit down and type them out or think them out, I always make some excuse that there are several other more important things standing in the way. Which brings me to my end of the year post.

This year has been a roller coaster and there is no other way to put it. It has been an encompassing crazy ride in every aspect of my life and I sense, for this country. While politically we live in tumultuous time with the hopeful outlook of new political philosophy and presence in the coming year, we are dampened by economic downfall, resulting unemployment, and the fear of where the bottom will actually be. I’ve learned though, that although you can run around scared and fear every sound and creak in your house, it’s best to live by John Lennon’s addage, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”Now this is in no way an argument against making plans, having aspirations or setting goals, because I strongly believe that healthy and right-minded people do so. However, to focus too much on things you can’t control and not see these obstacles as contributions to one’s life will only destroy potential.

I had pretty simple aspirations for 2008. After a year of feeling battered by people I allowed to remain in my life for the wrong reasons, I made the difficult and seemingly unnatural goal to spend more time with myself and at home. I had found myself in this rift between ‘early twenties’ and ‘late twenties’in a town where you are a) in college b) married with 2.5 kids c) in your late twenties pretending you are still in your early twenties. It was increasingly awkward and I felt as if I was skirting drama and issues that weren’t becoming of my age anymore, let alone my problem or responsibility to fix. I’m extremely happy with my decision. Sure, I’m not the bell of any ball, or out at the bars 4 days a week, but I’ve been able to put my energy to positive use and create a lifestyle that’s more sustaining for someone my age. I’m energetic and focused on work, my graduate program, and things at home are organized and put together and it really feels like an engaged household. I’m really finding how much I enjoy homekeeping. The time and resources I used going out repetitively afforded us a gym membership, more money for Neil’s racing, and our new hobbies of backpacking and fishing. It’s not always easy. My facebook wall is pretty quiet, and my phone doesn’t ring off the hook, but what started out feeling like almost a punishment, has been a great blessing.

In addition to monetary gains and new hobbies, not being so entrenched in not-so-great friendships has gifted me the feeling of openness and receptiveness to new people. I used to always say “I don’t need anymore friends, I’m buried in the ones I have,” and I don’t say that anymore. I’m excited to meet new people, and the conversations I have with my good friends are better because I don’t feel worn down anymore. Some amazing people have come into my life this year. Neil’s friends continue to be great, and the people I’ve met either through other friends or on campus have been amazing. I also still am fortunate enough to have great friends from high school. All in all, just a great year in that respect.

Another great blessing was my engagement to Neil on my birthday this year. I’m not one to boast, but we have an amazingly compatible and amiable relationship. It didn’t start out easy, and the long distance presented us with a great challenge, but I feel its defined the many great qualities that I don’t see with a lot of couples. I really didn’t ever think it was possible to come across someone so much like myself, with the same strengths, goals, and weaknesses. I still catch my breath when he looks at me, and laugh hysterically at his facial expressions, baby-speak, and dry sense of humor. I’ve enjoyed planning our wedding, but I enjoy planning our future and discussing our goals even more. We look forward to the next big change in our life which will hopefully take us to a new place, hopefully Colorado.

I’ve definately had a big year, and the things we’ve done could be a blog post hours long, but I hope this short summary suffices. Sure we’re fearful of the economy, sure we’re excited to see how Obama does. We did racing, short trips, vacations, and weekends at home. I’m so grateful for the life I have and those I consider my friends and family. I look forward to our continued health and prosperity and I wish it for all you and yours!

Happy New Year!