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2015 CrossFit Central Regionals

By June 2, 2015CrossFit, Jessica


I had an awesome weekend at the CrossFit Central Regionals in Minneapolis. I got a little bit of everything — plenty of CrossFit, time with family and friends, and some good relaxation — even a little working out. It’s amazing how fast a weekend can go!

I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. I was living so in the moment that documenting anything was pretty much forgotten about. Additionally, the convention center was a battery suck to all my devices. So here is a little photo dump with some details from my trip.

Trip Highlights

1. We left after the 6:30 pm class and saying goodbye to Nate. We drove through the night and arrived in Minneapolis at 6:00 am, where we promptly fell asleep at my aunt’s house. My car still smells like coffee.

2. We got a little turned around in the rain trying to find the convention center, and arrived moment after our athlete Brooke Wells broke the world record for “Randy.”

3. Witnessing Julie Foucher’s performance after injury over the weekend was insane. I’ve always been a little CrossFit starstruck by her and will continue to love her, though I can’t imagine what it looks like to a non-CrossFitter.


4. I had an amazing meal with my aunt and cousins at French Meadow Bakery & Cafe. The food is amazing there, and you absolutely cannot leave without having dessert. Neil and I are planning a trip to MN in August with Kaitlan, so maybe we will get to return.

5. Watching the team events was by far my favorite part of the weekend. I’ve competed on a team before, and really feel motivated to work toward doing so again.


6. After abstaining from most drinks and supplements while I was both pregnant and breastfeeding, I went HAM at Regionals. I tried everything and felt buzzed pretty much through the entire competition. A huge thanks to Fit-Aid, Pure Pharma, SFH, Kill Cliff, and more than a few others.

I had a great time, and can’t wait to watch the CrossFit Games!


  • janice kohler says:

    Looks VERY EXCITING! Did you get to see relatives while you were up there? How did things seem to go with Neil and the baby? Did you miss her as much as you thought you might? Did you find a SURPRISE when you got home? Love, Mom

    • Jessica says:

      I did, thank you very much for thinking of me. I got to spend time with the relatives, though never long enough and Neil and Kaitlan did great and enjoyed their special time.